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Pleasant Litchford Park

This site honors the life of Pleasant Litchford, a formerly enslaved man who settled on these grounds in the 1800s. The one-half acre park follows the footprint of what was the Litchford family cemetery. Learn about the Litchfords and their enduring story.


Miller Family Home, c. 1895, Courtesy of Esther H. Miller, UA Archives



James T. and Esther Everitt Miller were the parents of eight children, six girls and two boys. For this image, the family posed on a walkway that connected two of the three hills adjacent to the main house. (Photo courtesy of Esther Miller; caption courtesy of Upper Arlington Historical Society.)



For more primary source documents relating to Pleasant Litchford, please see the UA Archives’ Pleasant Litchford collection.

The newspaper obituary for Pleasant Litchford details his life accomplishments, age at death (89), his land holdings (227 acres), and his wives, children and grandchildren.

Catherine Depp owned 32.5 acres of land after her father, Pleasant Litchford, passed away. How did this property come to be owned by UA Schools?

Upper Arlington Board of Education meeting minute entries from the mid-1950s detail the purchase of land for a new high school building, the discovery of a cemetery on the site, and the subsequent actions taken by the Board. This summary document covers the period of June 1954 – February 1956.

Columbus Neighborhoods: The Story of Pleasant Litchford
In 2018, Columbus Neighborhoods presented a short film about the life of Pleasant Litchford and the impact of his legacy on the Upper Arlington community.

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